Tiếng Việt

How Do I Meet People?

Let come to Vietnamese Baptist Church of Albuquerque to learn, serve and grow in Christ. We have different groups that you can easy to find one to fit yourself in.


Children Group

The children are separated into groups of different ages (High school, Secondary school, Elementary school, Preschool). The teachers help them to memorize scriptures, understand and apply the bible lessons in every day living, which helps their spiritual lives grow as well as builds strong faith to be their foundation when they grow up.


High School/ College Bible Study Group

The group is consisted of young adult above 18.  We meet weekly on Friday night from 8:00pm to study God’s Words and to have fellowship with one another.

Although young adults are full of life and enthuasism, they often lack of experience in life.  For this reason, we choose the book of Proverbs for our study and discussion.  Our purpose is to draw out from the well of wisdom in Proverbs many godly principles and right applications for our daily life.

Music and food are also two important elements in our fellowship 🙂


Women’s Group


Men’s Group

Consisted of men and young men over 20.  We meet once a month on Sunday morning before the worship service.  Currently we focus our study on anger, a serious male problem.  The Bible teaches us For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God (James 1:20). 

Anger often causes serious consequences.  It affects adversely our marital relationship, relationship with our children, and with other members in church.  The purpose of the study is to understand better the causes of anger and bitterness, and learn from the Word of God the right ways to control our anger and improve our relationship with others.

Family Group

The group is consisted of married couples.  We desire to honor God with our marriage.  We want our children to grow up knowing, loving and serving the Lord.  The group meets once a month to study and discuss materials from the movie Fireproof.

The purpose of the group is to learn from Scriptures God’s plan for our marriage.  We seek to discuss marital issues and child rearing in the way of the Lord.